Vintage Christmas Throw Blankets

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Vintage-Christmas-Throw-BlaHoliday decorating can include home decor with these charming vintage Christmas throw blankets. A vintage style is a great one for Christmas decor. Whether you are just starting with a vintage theme for Christmas, or adding to your collection, a throw blanket makes a simple way to accent your home for the holidays.

Vintage Christmas Throw Blankets for Decor

Home decor for the holidays is traditionally the tree and the things on the walls. But including the furniture in your Christmas decor adds an extra festive touch.

I like to use throw blankets as part of my home decor all through the year. When I add my holiday decorations, it’s simple to change the throw blanket to a Christmas one. In fact I have several. Vintage Christmas throw blankets are my most popular with friends and family.

Adding Accents for Christmas Home Decor

Definitely, I am a big fan of making home decorating easy. With the holidays, I can easily add a vintage Christmas throw blanket to the back of the couch or chair, then toss a decorative holiday pillow into a corner. Instantly, I’ve transformed my couch or chair into part of the Christmas decor.

Vintage Christmas Decor Theme

Vintage in home decor is considered more of a style than a theme, but at the holiday time, it certainly becomes a theme. Many people have already created a vintage Christmas tree. The use of ornaments, lights and garland in a vintage style transform the tree.

Then add in the kind of accents that will complete your vintage holiday theme. Throw blankets, decorative pillows, a wreath on the wall, candles in the windows. All simple additions that will make your vintage Christmas theme full in your home decor.

Double Duty with Vintage Christmas Throw Blankets

I love home decor items that do double duty in my world. Decorative stuff is fine, but those that can be not only decorative but functional are the best, in my opinion. And vintage Christmas throw blankets make great functional and decorative items.

Think of those chilly winter nights when an extra touch of warmth is so welcome. Curled up on the couch reading while it’s snowing outside is the perfect excuse to throw a blanket over your lap. But, you and I both can come up with many other excuses to enjoy the warmth of vintage Christmas throw blanket.

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  1. Barb says:

    I love small lap blankets and throws and throughout the winter usually have some folded on the back of my couch and chairs for decoration, plus warmth that’s within easy reach. Love the Christmas throws you show here. Maybe there are others for different holidays, like Thanksgiving. It would be fun to change them out from time to time to celebrate different occasions.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I do love Christmas throw blankets! The vintage artwork is truly awesome. I really enjoy giving and receiving pretty, warm Christmas throws as gifts.

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