Use Accessories to Create a Theme

If you are looAccessories for a Themeking to have a theme in your home decor, an easy way to carry that theme throughout your whole home, or just one room, is by the use of your accessories.  Things like your wall decor, table lamps and centerpieces will all contribute to the theme without overwhelming you. Furniture fabrics and styles can also help, but these are large replacement items in your decor. Your budget may or may not be able to handle something like these purchases.

But, you can do simple things like just adding one side table, maybe a single chair, or an area rug to bring more to your theme. Think about things like throw blankets and decorative pillows on your furniture to express your theme without replacing your current furniture.

One of the things we do like at Easy Home Decor & Accessories is to decorate around a theme. The theme can be as simple as just a color or color combination, or as elaborate as a jungle theme. The accessories still do so much to create that theme.

Home accessories make redecorating easy and inexpensive. For the most part, repainting or wall papering a room is not even necessary. Unless you have something like purple walls and you want to create a vintage travel theme, you can always work with the colors you currently have on your walls. Darker colors tend to be harder to work with in terms of what you theme you pick, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can work with that beautiful hunter green room and brighten it up.

Let’s take that hunter green room and look at ways to redecorate it. If you use wall hangings in light colors, like white, pale yellow, even pale blue, you can diminish the darkness of the walls. Add lighter throw blankets and decorative pillows to the furniture to brighten them up. Even consider changing out the curtains or drapes to a lighter color that will let in more natural sunlight and brighten up the whole look.

With just some home accessories, you have changed the whole effect of your dark hunter green room into one that is themed around the hunter green with another contrasting color. This is easy home decor at it’s finest. And cheapest!

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