Home Decor Color Schemes

Home Decor Color SchemesWhen you are planning to redecorate one room or all the rooms in your home, the first place you start is with your color schemes. The color choices that you make in the beginning will help you with the choices of other things like your furniture and accessory pieces. Typically, you want to look at 2 main colors that work well together, then add in another one or two colors for contrast or accent.

If you have chosen a theme for your home, then your color choices are pretty much set up for you. Certain color combinations just naturally go with certain themes. Consider a beach theme. The base colors tend to be those of the sand and the water, tans and lighter blues. Accent colors can be white, which is usually seen in the water foam or on sails, or navy blue for nautical colors. Of course, you are not limited to these, even if you want a beach theme. You might chose other colors that can be seen as part of a beach landscape.

If a theme is not what you are looking for, then you will chose colors that you particularly enjoy. This is your home, after all. A place you want to enjoy and be happy in. You can start with your favorite color and find a complementary color to go with it. Even strong contrasting colors can work for your home decor. To understand more about choosing colors and the color wheel visit this article. Using a color wheel may help you decide which colors you feel most comfortable and happy about choosing.

Sometimes it may help you to visit a local paint store and browse through their color swatches. Even if you don’t intend to repaint your walls, you can put together color options to see how you like them. Remember, though, paint can be mixed into some very exacting hues. Most of your accent pieces and home decor won’t match that precisely. If you don’t want to have all your decor custom-made, then chose more base colors or true colors for your home decor.

Thinking about some of the ways you will be decorating your home will help you with your color choices, too. If you intend to replace, repaint or recover furniture, you will be dealing with very large chunks of color. If you intend to do some major overall, like repainting your walls or adding wallpaper, then getting your color scheme right before you start such major work will save you plenty of time and money. If you want to change up some of the accessories in your home decor, but leave the main colors that already in place, you have only to think about a new accent color for your decor.

To whatever extent you want to go with your home decor, starting with the color scheme will help you create just the look of your home that you want. This is where you spend the majority you time and you want it to reflect you and your personality.

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