Decorative Pillows: Vintage Italian Home Decor Theme

Vintage Italian Decorative PillowsVintage is wonderful theme for home decor and vintage Italian is even better in my mind. Making decorating easy with the addition of accessories and accents is what we are all about, so adding a few decorative pillows in our vintage Italian home decor theme is easy decorating.

Charming Vintage Italian Home Decor Theme

The look of Italy from early in the 1900’s to today hasn’t really changed. The buildings and countryside are still a charming look of a by-gone era. That’s part of the charm of the country. Adding that charm to our own home decor is just a matter of some accents and accessories.

I always enjoy my time in Italy, whether it’s Rome, Venice or any other place. So bringing that home with a decorative pillow or two is just perfect for me.

Great Decorative Pillow Options

When I went looking for vintage Italian accessories for home decorating, I found many beautiful accent pillows. Many is probably an understatement, I found way more than I actually wanted to find. That left me with some tough decisions. But I did narrow down my choices and I give them to you here.

 Rome at Dawn Par La Voie Travel Poster 1920 Pillows Vintage Grands Canal Venice II Pillows Spoletto ~ Umbria Pillows

Whether you want just the look of an art poster from Italy, or you are looking for more of a photographic effect, they are available. I loved these three in particular. The first one reminds me of a vintage travel poster, while the last one is a stylized effect that is reflective of the whole of Italy in my mind. The middle one seemed to be perfect for my dark gray couch. The color scheme works well yet brings out that lovely look of old world Italy.

Decorating with Your Own Personality

Finding your own style is part of the fun of decorating your home. Then pick the accessories and accents that will make your vintage Italian home decor theme come alive for you.

No matter what theme or style you choose to decorate your home, make sure every item you add is something that you really enjoy. Your own home and every room in it should bring you joy, just to be there. So surround yourself with those things that cause you to say “love it.”

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  1. While I have never been to Venice, I have been to Rome and love it! These are really beautiful pillows and awesome reminders of some totally awesome adventures!

  2. Barb says:

    Just seeing these pillows triggers all sorts of decorating possibilities for me. Do I want just one to pick up accent colors? Or ALL to scatter on chairs and sofas to create a theme? Oh the choices!

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